Northwest Language and Learning Services
Speech-Language Pathology

NWLLS is a private-pay clinic. We do not bill insurance or accept medical coupons. Please see below for more information about insurance reimbursement.

Our rate for evaluation (testing, parent conference, written report and treatment plan, any other documents you request) is $175 per hour. The rate for speech-language therapy is $150 per hour.
Payment Methods
We accept checks only. Please make checks out to:
P.O. Box 75191
Seattle, WA  98175-0191

Initial Evaluation
When you schedule your initial evaluation, we will provide an estimate of the total cost of the evaluation and a "down payment" amount, which is due at the first testing appointment. A second payment is due at the time of the results conference. After the evaluation paperwork is complete, you will receive a statement and any remaining balance will be due upon receipt.
Due to the highly individualized nature of our evaluations, it is not possible to give cost information prior to speaking with you about areas of concern, medical and educational history, and other factors.
Ongoing Therapy
Ongoing therapy clients receive a statement each month for the previous month's activity. Payment is due in full by the 20th of the month in which the statement is received. For example, in early May you would receive a statement showing April sessions, with payment due by May 20th. Late accounts will be assessed a finance charge.
Insurance Reimbursement
While NWLLS does not bill insurance, your insurance provider may provide partial reimbursement for our services if you submit a claim. 
We strongly advise you to contact your insurance provider BEFORE initiating services with NWLLS to ask about reimbursement policies and procedures. This will help avoid disappointing rates or allowances. The procedure (CPT) codes to inquire about are:
Speech-Language Evaluation: 92523, 92523-52, 96125, 96125-59 (NOTE: There are other codes that potentially could be used for your evaluation; however, these three are the most common.)
Speech-Language Therapy - 92507-95
Regardless of insurance reimbursement, you are responsible for full payment as described above. We cannot provide extensions for delays in insurance claims or payment processing.

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Phone: (206) 568-2080
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 75191
Seattle, WA  98175-0191